We are a fully accredited practice providing a wide range of Health care for all ages.

Our Practitioners attend various Nursing Homes – Home visits are offered to our regular patients.

Our Male and Female General Practitioners  provide a comprehensive family Medical Service and we offer the following services;


Travel Health Advice and Vaccinations

Travel Health & Vaccinations

When travelling to overseas countries, planning ahead and receiving travel vaccinations will ensure you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Before travelling, it is vital to have the appropriate health advice and the right treatments. Our Practitioners will provide you with advice - based on your medical history, duration and season of travel.


Acute  Medical Care

Short-term treatment for a severe injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery.


Mental Health Care

To maintain mental health and wellbeing, our trained team are available for consultation in all areas of concern, such as mood swings and temperament changes through to diagnosis of higher level concerns such as the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Repeat Scripts & Referrals

To obtain repeat scripts from our doctors, a medical appointment will be required to make an appointment to ensure that your health condition and medications are being properly assessed.


Infant & Adolescent Health

At all ages and all stages, The Surgery Bulleen can assist with all areas of infant and adolescent health including nutritional advice, emotional and behavioural assessments and first aid and injury prevention.


Skin Checks

The Surgery Bulleen promotes that all patients have regular check-ups to ensure early detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Minor surgery for mole removal available onsite.


Wound Management & Minor Surgery

Lacerations, grazes, blisters and more severe wounds such as burns, skin tears and bites can be managed and repaired on site at The Surgery Bullen. Repairing, healing and protecting wounds, including stitches and wound dressing and re-dressing, can be treated by our skilled team of practitioners.


Chronic Illness and Management Plans

Chronic and long-term illness can be difficult for both patients and their families to manage over time. The flow on effect of dealing with chronic illness can lead to other issues such as depression and anxiety. Our practitioners can provide skilled information and referrals for all patients managing long term illness and can structure management plans to ensure patient focussed outcomes.


Anti Natal & Post Natal Checks

Before, during and post pregnancy checks and health assessment will ensure your pregnancy is monitored, and your health is at its optimum during this very special time.


Immunisations for Children & Adults

To protect yourself and your family from harmful disease, our practitioners can both advise on and administer Immunisation to children and adults. Providing protections against dangerous diseases Immunisation reduces the spread of sickness and also ensures our communities are well protected. If you have questions regarding any concerns about immunisation, please call and speak to our staff to arrange an appointment for further conversation and information.


General Medical Consultations

Health Advice
Health Management


Referrals to Specialists

In the instance that patients require expert services in all areas of health, we can provide you with referrals to specialists for further investigations and treatment.


Pap Smear Tests & Sexual Health

For sexually active females, pap smears are recommended to be taken every two years. Providing all of our patients with confidence and understanding in all aspects of female sexual health and awareness.